Group exhibition
Kunsthalle Krems
1 July ›
4 November 2018

Featuring over 150 works from the Hubert Looser Collection in Switzerland, which span the range from classical Modernism to the present day, this exhibition visualizes the tension-loaded relationship between sculpture and works on paper.

Large holdings of works on paper make up the core of the collection, complemented by works of painting and sculpture. Among them, there are works by Arshile Gorky, Willem de Kooning, Cy Twombly, Andy Warhol, Agnes Martin, Roni Horn, and Richard Serra.

To Hubert Looser, the line, and with it, drawing, primarily is a visual and aesthetic manifesto, an appeal to engage, intuitively and with fine feeling, in an encounter with art. In a way, the drawings show the artists’ concept: they are the direct graphic outgrowth of their prima idea, which occasionally is further developed into sculpture or large-format painting. Or the drawing may only stand for itself, as a solitary self-expression: purist lines marking a sheet of paper—whether it’s figurative, as with Matisse and Warhol, or abstract, as with Twombly or Brice Marden. Taking a fresh look at the works, the exhibition also shifts the focus on the less-noted as a source of new insight.

Fabienne Verdier - Picasso Gorky Warhol