soundscapes – the juilliard experiment solo exhibition
patrick derom gallery, brussels

Patrick Derom Gallery
rue aux Laines 1
1000 Brussels


Émission par ouï-dire


Solo Exhibition
1 December 2016 › 11 February 2017

Soundscapes – The Juilliard Experiment presents 46 paintings and works on paper produced during and after Fabienne Verdier’s semester spent as The Juilliard School’s first visual artist-in-residence in 2014, an event the artist herself qualifies as a “leap of faith”. With the ambition to discover the concordance between painting and music during live experimentation with faculty and student solo instrumentalists and singers, Verdier’s improvised work in spontaneous pursuit of the essential universal rhythm proved to be a profoundly liberating experience, marking a significant shift for her in terms of brushstrokes, tools and methods of composition. Her focus on impermanence, movement and change invites the viewer in to experience an awareness of rhythm in all the structures of the universe.